Laurel Hill Inn is a private residential program for the treatment of eating disorders, located in the greater Boston area. The setting has the welcoming feeling of an old New England Inn and is tailored to deliver a personalized treatment program to a small group of residents. Our program provides treatment exclusively to adults whose primary diagnosis is anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, or binge eating disorder. The intensive group program relies heavily on cognitive behavioral treatment and dialectical behavioral skills training. An experienced multi-disciplinary staff provides individual, group and family therapy.

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    A residential group home treating eating disorders such as bulimia, anorexia, and binging
Laurel Hill Inn - A residential group home treating eating disorders such as bulimia, anorexia, and binging

A Private Residential Treatment Program for Adults with Eating Disorders

The Program at Laurel Hill Inn

The treatment program at Laurel Hill Inn focuses exclusively on adults suffering from eating disorders. The program is tailored specifically to meet the unique needs of this population.

For many persons afflicted with an eating disorder, the illness is so deeply entrenched that it takes a rigorous effort to alter the distorted thoughts and beliefs that are so firmly held. In many cases, in order for a person to progress to a more satisfying level of independent living, the structure, continuity and intensity of a residential treatment program may be necessary.

From the very first day of entry into the program at Laurel Hill Inn, skills are being developed that are transferable to the real world. Participants are actively involved in practicing the skills necessary to deal with the challenges their eating disorder will present when they return home. The goal of these groups is to achieve a comfort level among participants with activities ranging from grocery shopping and dining out, to affect management, interpersonal relationships and a range of other problem solving activities.

Everyday, there are skill-teaching groups that help individuals modify their eating disordered behaviors and develop adaptive coping skills to deal with their own issues and life's stressors. We believe that people make change through knowledge and education. The way people think about their behaviors affects the way they feel and how they act. In the groups we try to identify these cognitions and attempt to alter those that interfere with appropriate eating and adaptive living. We help the person identify new ways of thinking about food and practice using these skills to change their behaviors. All of our groups emphasize developing and practicing new skills in real life situations. We help individuals think more positively about themselves and hope that this will, in turn, result in more positive interactions with others.

Some of our groups emphasize a dialectical behavioral orientation. These groups are based on the premise that certain individuals need help in identifying and dealing with their emotions. The groups provide information on developing strategies to deal with emotions and stress. There is a strong emphasis on practice and homework.

In addition to the education and practice that occurs within skill teaching groups, residents are asked to practice new skills and behaviors with other residents, with supportive staff persons and, wherever possible, in "real life" settings. Participants are then asked to report back to the group about the relative effectiveness of these new skills and behaviors.

The eating disorder has often pushed aside the person's various interests and social activities. Helping them to reconnect and develop these interests is a necessary part of the recovery process. In addition, most social activities have a component that involves food. This allows residents of Laurel Hill Inn to practice appropriate eating skills in various real life situations. It can be fun to have popcorn at the movies or go out to dinner with friends.

There are numerous activities planned for residents while they are living at Laurel Hill Inn. Boston is a very culturally rich city. Movies, plays, museums, walking tours, picnics and athletic events will be on the recreational calendar for residents.

All meals are planned by a trained nutritionist and meal time is supervised by a specialized staff. Residents participate in food preparation according to their level of progress.

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